NACIA Awards Winners 2022

Eleven Building Projects Receive Copper in Architecture Award

Answering the growing demand to meet environmental goals using sustainable building materials, the 2022 NACIA award winners demonstrate a perfect balance of maximizing green material with longevity, creating architectural masterpieces for generations to come. See the winners.

Will U.S. copper supply meet energy transition demands?

Andrew G. Kireta Jr., CDA's President & CEO, addresses this question and more in his recent GreenBiz article. Read more

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Ensure your team understands proper design, use and application of copper systems to improve efficiency, functionality, reliability and durability. No matter what the goal, CDA will tailor the content to the occasion. Learn more

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Energy Security Legislative Provisions Will Accelerate U.S. Clean Energy Adoption

As Congress prepares to consider reconciliation legislation, the Copper Development Association (CDA) released the following statement from Andrew G. Kireta, Jr., president and CEO at CDA
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Eleven Building Projects Receive Copper In Architecture Award

Eleven building projects across the United States and Canada recently received the prestigious North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) award from the Copper Development Association (CDA) for their outstanding application of architectural copper and copper alloys.
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CDA Releases Updated Copper in Architecture Design Handbook

CDA Releases Updated Copper in Architecture Design Handbook
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