Architectural Details

This section contains drawings for the proper design and construction of sheet copper details. It is divided into subsections by topic, such as "Roofing Systems".

Each subsection has an introduction that gives general information for that topic. Within each subsection, there are divisions that cover variations of that topic. For example, in the Roofing Systems, there are divisions for standing seam, batten seam, flat seam roofing and more. These divisions are comprised of one or more drawings each with a facing page of descriptive text.

The drawings are presented in two colors. Copper materials are shown in copper color, all other building materials are shown in black. The drawings are intended to show the relationships of the materials.

Although the drawings show the components in detail, some items, such as nails, may not be shown for the sake of clarity. The specifications and descriptive text should always be consulted before using the details in any specific application.

AutoCAD Details

All of the details shown in this section of the Handbook are available as AutoCAD Detail Files. The details have been developed using AutoCAD. They may be inserted onto a sheet as stand-alone details, or incorporated into larger drawings.

Some steps have been taken to simplify the use of these files:

  1. All components are drawn actual size in "model space".
  2. The dimensions of some elements, such as transverse seams, have been exaggerated to make them more readable in printed form.
  3. All details have been drawn in two dimensions. Although many drawings use axonometric views, the views are actually constructed in two dimensions. It is felt that full threedimensional models of the elements would be much more complicated than necessary for construction documents.
  4. Five layers are used in these files:
    Layer NameColorDescription
    AXON-COPPER 5 Copper material in axonometric view.
    AXON-OTHER 6 All other material in axonometric view.
    BASE-COPPER 10 Copper material in plan or section.
    BASE-OTHER 9 All other material in plan or section.
    CDATEXT 3 Text, leaders, dimensions, and dimension lines

    This layer naming convention allows the user to easily turn off and on the axonometric layers, or to separate copper from other materials.

AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.