Saskatchewan Legislative Building Dome Conservation

Regina, Saskatchewan


Sheet Metal Contractor

Empire Restoration Inc.
Scarborough, Ontario

Conservation Architect

Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated
Toronto, Ontario

Sheet Metal Contractor

Ultimate Construction
Barrie, Ontario

General Contractor

PCL Construction Management
Regina, Saskatchewan


Ministry of Central Services
Regina, Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Legislative Dome Restoration project involved the restoration of the entire copper dome roof system that was originally constructed in 1912. The work includes 28,000 pounds of new copper and is approximately 6,000 square feet of roof surface area. The building and grounds are designated as a National Historic Site of Canada and a Provincial Heritage Property. The protection ensures that any repairs or improvements fully respect its heritage value and architectural integrity. Every effort was made to conserve as much of the original copper, including some of the intricate ornamentation such as found on the garlands which were carefully removed and refurbished, as well as elements of the cupola and lantern areas. The use of copper was consistent in type and form with the original materials used to complete the 1912 structure. It is also a durable and long-lasting material.

Architectural Categories: Horizontal Seam Roofs and Walls, Flat Seam Roofs and Walls, Exotic or Unusual Applications