180 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario

Ornamental Applications


NORR Limited Architects, Engineers & Planners
Toronto, Ontario

Roofing Contractor

Raymond and Associates Roofing Inc.
Gatineau, Quebec

Parliamentary Library Copper Sculpture Wall Contractor

Mometal Structures
Quebec, Quebec

Copper Distributor

CBC Specialty Metals (Canadian Brass & Copper Co.)
Concord, Ontario

After 60 years of providing shelter, the Wellington Building’s roof needed to be replaced. The salvaged copper scrap was then used to create a sculptural wall design in the Parliamentary Library of the building. 13,000 square feet of aged copper was cut from the existing roof, crated, sorted, flattened, perforated and then bent on a break press to provide the sound attenuation and sculptural finish for the walls of the Parliamentary Library in the building. The folded perforated aged copper lining and the folded, sculptural aged copper shells take their inspiration from the triangulated roof scape of the Parliament Hill Government Buildings.

Architectural Categories: Interiors, Exotic or Unusual Applications