Denver Library - Main Wing and Children's Wing

Denver, Colorado

New Construction


Michael Graves and Associates
New York, New York

Copper System: Flat locked panels, Batten Seam panels

Batten seam is not only just for roofing, it can make for a very bold and distinctive wall cladding. The copper system used in Children's Wing gives a very strong vertical shadow line, because of the battens, and also offers a very long life plus, is visually pleasing.

The copper theme is continued on the main part of the library only this time with flat seam panels as opposed to the batten seam panels on the Children's Wing. The copper accentuates the struts and the soffit while also providing a metal that will continually change over the years from bright and shiny to a sophisticated green patina. 

Architectural Categories: Batten Seam Roofs and Walls, Flat Seam Roofs and Walls