MRN Copper Diamond Roof Shingles

San Francisco Bay Area, California

New Construction


Metal Roof Network, LLC
Reno, Nevada

This private residence in Atherton, California, designed in an English Country Manor style, required replacement of 16-year old wood shingles. The challenge was two-fold - find an architecturally appropriate material that would preserve the stately character of the structure, while disguising the fact that it would be the third roof replacement on this house in its short 30-year history. Originally, the owner considered slate a good replacement option, but he also wanted a roof material that would be both lightweight and pose no risk of sliding off the steep, two-story building. Once the copper diamond shingles were presented, the decision was easy - the material is light, ecologically responsible, rigid, fully interlocking and likely to last as long as the house is standing. Beyond those benefits, both the material and profile are incomparably beautiful and distinctive.

Our Old World-style MRN roofing in a random, pre-patinated solid copper diamond shingle was the ideal option. Great care was taken to treat each newly made shingle individually to give them all a unique, reclaimed and irregular appearance, mimicking the look of such manors throughout history as they were added to and changed when different generations took up residency. Achieving just the right look to appear aged and random was a daunting task and took nearly as long as the installation itself - about a month of work to prepare the shingles and twice that for the owner's crews to install them. The copper roof project on this lovely home is part of other restoration efforts and still ongoing after two years. When completed, the copper diamond shingles supplied by Metal Roof Network will use about 15,000 pounds of copper.

Architectural Category: Flat Seam Roofs and Walls