Moline Public Library

Moline, Illinois

New Construction


OPN Architects
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

General Contractor

Russell Construction


Metal Design Systems, Inc.

Copper Applications: Flat lock exterior wall cladding

The design program for this new, 70,000 square foot public library called for a state-of-the-art library structure that incorporated timeless building materials and design elements that would serve the community of Moline well into the latter half of the 21st century. The OPN design team chose 11,000 square feet of bare as well as pre-patinated copper wall cladding finishes to compliment their use of brick, stone, aluminum and glass for the building's exterior. Copper's natural beauty, long life, and outstanding performance helped create this strikingly handsome, maintenance free building of which the community is very proud.

The copper wall cladding adds striking visual appeal through the use of a "running bond" flat seam pattern on the natural copper surfaces combined with an overlapping diamond-shaped pattern in a pre-patinated copper finish. All of the panels were constructed of flat lock copper composite panels, 2 mm thick.

Architectural Category: Flat Seam Roofs and Walls