Copper Diamond Shingles on Boston Tea House

Boston, Massachusetts

New Construction


Metal Roof Network
Reno, Nevada

A Chinese tea house creates a reverential spot on the roof-top on an urban apartment. The owner wanted copper roofing for both beauty and longevity. Because tea houses are traditionally economical and intimate in size, copper diamond roof shingles was the most appropriate style. As one of the smaller standard copper roof products on the market, the S-10 diamond shingles offered a scale consistent with the size of the tea house, while offering interesting detail to a low-profile design. In addition to the diamonds, our client wanted to make sure that all details were consistent with the traditional Chinese style. Unique "Bamboo Style" hips were used to compliment the S-10 copper roof diamonds. This hip design was ideal as the shape mimics the look of bamboo, while its small dimensions were also very compatible with the overall style and size of the tea house roof. The different copper hip ends, with a dramatic and proud up-sweep, were the most pronounced part of the project. The cooperative effort resulted in a beautiful, little structure with its own unique execution of the traditional Chinese tea house.

Architectural Category: Flat Seam Roofs and Walls