Power Quality

Case Studies (organized by topic)


  1. Video Icon WRZN - Finding the Path of Least Resistance [PDF - 11 Mb]
    What makes a good ground? Ideally, it’s a connection to earth that can absorb an unlimited amount of current without changing its potential. This is the type of connection that was created for WRZN-AM in Hernando, Florida. This simple, inexpensive system should keep the station alive and well during any lightning occurrence or power surge.
  2. Upgraded Grounding and Bonding Systems Prevent Costly Disasters for Florida Radio Group [PDF - 5.7 Mb]
    After discovering that their grounding and bonding was inadequate, three FM radio stations located in Trenton, Florida installed new copper grounding rods, some as long as 80 feet, in order to minimize costs and maximize on-air time.
  3. Video Icon Proper Grounding System Resolves Electrical Issues at Gainesville, Florida AM Radio Stations [PDF - 3 Mb]
    After constant lightning strikes would damage equipment and cause the radio station to lose power, WTMN installed a new grounding and wiring system in order to guarantee on-air time.
  4. Video Icon New Grounding System Ensures Radio Broadcast Stations Remain on the Air [PDF - 4 Mb]
    Broadcast radio stations can encounter power outages, interrupted programming and costly repairs in the event of a lightning strike. In order to prevent these catastrophes, the MARC Radio Group installed a new code-exceeding grounding system, which has helped ensure uptime for its stations.
  5. Added Copper Improves Grounding, Subdues Thunderstorm Threats
  6. New Grounding System Ends Lightning-Caused Outages at 100-kW FM Station
  7. Proper Copper Grounding Systems Stop Lightning Damage at Nebraska FM Station
  8. Video Icon KPTM: TV Station Knocked Off Air And Suffers Equipment Losses
    Lightning caused thousands of damage to this stations studio. Proper bonding and grounding of equipment, tower, satellite dishes and other equipment reduced damage to zero, at reasonable cost.
  9. Video Icon TV Transmitter Site: Case Study in Proper Grounding and Bonding
    A case history in proper grounding and bonding of TV transmitter, but also applicable to any communications facility.

Emergency Communications

  1. Video Icon Proper Grounding and Bonding Saves Thousands of Dollars at Ohio Safety Center [PDF - 10 Mb]
    After improper electrical grounding and bonding caused expensive equipment failures and took vital emergency communications systems offline, the city of Medina, Ohio looked to copper for soultions.
  2. Video Icon Safety Center Tower Grounding [PDF - 393 Kb] 
    Having suffered damage and downtime in the past, Macomb County, Michigan proactively took lightning protection into account when renovating their emergency communications center and satellite facilities. Copper-based lightning, wiring and grounding systems provided the reliability needed.
  3. Video Icon Fire Station Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems [PDF - 2 Mb] 
    Fire Departments and police facilities are communications centers, sometimes without realizing it. That means grounding, lightning protection, and other power quality considerations are critical to reliability. This case history relates how two Connecticut fire stations implemented cost-effective modifications that improve up-time and can save lives.
  4. Video Icon Lightning Protection for Denver Fire Station Extends Beyond Its Property Line [PDF - 2 Mb] 
    Emergency communications include fire dispatch, where lightning and transients can cause a life-safety problem in addition to equipment damage. This story describes installation of a cost-effective system in the Denver area that prevented further damage.
  5. Video Icon Inadequate Grounding System Allows Costly Lightning Damage at Municipal Safety Center
    An Ohio emergency communications center found out the value of a robust bonding and grounding system in the presence of sensitive equipment. A cost-effective retrofit corrected deficiencies and eliminated outages. Video and written stories are presented.
  6. Video Icon Old Walmart + Electrical Upgrade = New 9-1-1 Center
  7. All-Copper Grounding Systems End Million Dollar Losses at Emergency Response System
    • Video Icon Orange County 911: Lives Depend on Power Quality
      In lightning-prone Florida, a retrofit of several sites operated by Orange County proved the effectiveness and low cost of grounding and bonding properly. This story is applicable to any communications site, including broadcasters as well as public safety.
    • Video Icon Apopka: Lightning Damage Alleviated by Retrofit - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
      In lightning-prone Florida, a retrofit of several sites operated by Orange County proved the effectiveness and low cost of grounding and bonding properly. This story is applicable to any communications site, including broadcasters as well as public safety.

Data Centers

  1. Video IconCopper Grounding System Guarantees 100 Percent Uptime for Boise Data Center [PDF - 6Mb]
    The loss of data can be extremely detrimental to healthcare organizations, grocery chains and electronic medical record facilities. Involta-Boise recently installed an all-copper grounding system at its newest data center to ensure 100 percent uptime for all of its customers.
  2. Video Icon Involta Data Centers: Copper Wiring Systems Ensure Reliability
    Involta is a world-class data center operator, with currently six locations. Each serves a variety of tenants, primarily in secondary markets. The centers were built at different times in slightly different electrical architectures, but reliability is the facilities’ first and common requirement. That’s where a copper infrastructure comes in. There are design lessons for every critical application in this story.
  3. Video Icon 100% Copper Ensures Reliability for Nebraska Data Center
    100% reliability is the goal at CoSentry, an Omaha-based data center operator with six current locations. From dual electric feeds to dual chillers, continuous availability is the most important need of their customers, and an all-copper electrical system is an integral part of that requirement. Wherever the need is critical, the copper-based wiring methods are the most reliable available.
  4. Video Icon "Boutique" Data Centers for Small Business Owners?
    Data centers come in small as well as large sizes, but the need for continuous up-time is still critical. Power Protection Products satisfies the needs of smaller customers with a concept they call LoCoCoLo – a Low Cost Co-Location center. And copper wiring and grounding is a just as much a part of providing reliability here as it is in data centers that are hundreds of times larger.
  5. Copper Ensures Reliability, Power Quality at Boston Data Center
  6. Florida Credit Union Data Center Shrugs Off Direct Lightning Hit
  7. Copper Protects MIT Computer Center

Other Sensitive Loads

  1. A Tale of Two Churches [PDF - 2Mb]
  2. Reliable Grounding Saves Years of Seed Development, Protects Equipment, Stops High-Cost Losses
  3. Power Quality Gets Top Grades at Business-Oriented University
  4. Allegheny Power Insists On Copper For Substation Transformers
  5. Copper Corrects Power Quality Problems in Columbus, Ohio, High-Rise Office Tower
  6. Copper Checks in @ Internet Hotel
  7. Networked Plant Learns the Value of Proper Grounding

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