FPSO Vessels

An FPSO is a floating production, storage and offloading vessel. These vessels are used in offshore oil fields as an alternative to fixed, tension leg or semi-submersible production platforms. They are of particular benefit in deepwater areas where fixed platforms cannot be used.

An FPSO has a ship's hull, held in location by a mooring system. For many, this is a single-point mooring, allowing the vessel to rotate around a vertical axis to always face into the weather. Well fluid moves from the sea bed to the vessel through a fluid transfer system and is then processed by equipment mounted on the deck. Produced oil is stored in tanks in the hull, awaiting periodic transfer to a shuttle tanker to transfer to shore.

FPSOs can be new build or a conversion of an existing tanker to allow oil production and storage systems.

Systems involving copper-nickel are similar to any other vessel based on its power but in addition will have extensive fire fighting and oil processing equipment. Copper-nickel can be used in piping systems, condensers, coolers, other heat exchangers, seawater desalination, systems for compressed air, bilge, ballast water, brine, fire mains and sprinklers, fuel oil, lube oil, warm water heating, grey and black water, hydraulic lines and tank heating on FPSOs.

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