13. Mechanically Formed Extruded Outlets

Another joining technology that has been used effectively for many years involves a hand tool designed to quickly pull tee connections and outlets from the run of the tube, thus reducing the number of tee fittings and soldered or brazed joints. It allows branches to be formed faster and usually results in a lower installed system cost. This method may be used for general plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, fire sprinkler and service projects (Figure 13.1).

extruded outletFigure 13.1. Mechanically formed extruded outlet requires only one brazed joint

Portable hand tool kits and power operated equipment are available that produce lap joints for brazing. The system can be used with Types K, L or M copper tube to form ½” to 4” outlets from ½” to 8” tubes, depending on tool selection. The installation descriptions below are for illustrative purposes only. It is essential that the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines are followed exactly to ensure proper installation and safe performance.

Solderless Fittings