12. Push-connect Joints

Like the press-connect joining method, the push-connect joining of copper and copper alloy tube is fast, economical and, also, requires no heat or open flame. However, unlike most other joining methods, no additional tools, special fuel gases or electrical power are required for installation.

Push-connect joining utilizes an integral elastomeric gasket or seal (such as EPDM) and stainless steel grab ring to produce a strong, leak-free joint. Typical ranges of pressure-temperature ratings for these no-flame joints are found in Table 14.4b.

There are two common types of push-connect fittings. Both create strong, permanent joints however one allows for easy removal after installation (Figure 12.1) to allow for equipment service, while the second type (Figure 12.2) cannot be easily removed once the fitting is installed.

Removable push-connect fittingFigure 12.1. Removable push-connect fitting
Permanent push-connect fittingFigure 12.2. Permanent push-connect fitting