10. Roll Groove Joints

Grooved-end piping has been familiar to pipe fitters and sprinkler system contractors for many years. Since 1925, this method of joining pipe has been used reliably on steel and iron pipe in HVAC, fire protection, process piping and related applications.

This method of mechanical joining is also available in a system for copper tube in sizes from 2 through 8 inches. Included are couplings, gaskets and a myriad of fitting configurations. The system offers a practical alternative to soldering and brazing larger-diameter copper tube. And most importantly it requires no heat or open flame, as do soldering or brazing.

Copper roll groove joining takes advantage of copper's excellent malleability and its increased strength when cold worked. The joints rely on the sealing capability of a special clamping system that contains an EPDM gasket and a specially designed clamp. Several manufacturers offer roll groove tools, gaskets, clamps and fittings.