A variety of fact sheets, case studies, videos and tools highlighting the need for lead service line replacement projects across America.

Fact Sheets

  • Who is Choosing Copper Now

    Who is Choosing Copper factsheet thumbnailCopper has been the preferred material for underground water service lines for the past 50 years. Learn why municipalities continue to use copper and why many select this age-old metal for their lead service line replacement projects.

  • Copper: The Right Choice for Water Service Lines

    Copper the right choice for water service lines fact sheet thumbnailLead was once the preferred material for water service line installations. Copper and other materials have since taken its place in new construction, as well as in routine replacement. Discover why copper is now the most widely used plumbing material in the developed world.

  • Health Effects and Safe Drinking Water: The Real Story

    Copper Health Effects fact sheet thumbnailDespite the fact that copper is regulated by the USEPA Lead and Copper Rule, its consumption is necessary for human health. The ingestion of lead, on the other hand, poses real, chronic health risks.

  • The False Initial Cost Economy

    False economy fact sheet thumbnailAn analysis of the cost comparisons for replacing lead service lines is examined based on the life cycle cost and the total cost of ownership.

White Papers

Underground Water Service Lines: Material Usage Trends 1965 - 2009

A meta analysis of seven market research studies performed from 1965 through 2009 on material usage trends in the undergound water service applications.