Copper in the Arts

May 2013

The Quaint and Awe-Stirring Lure of Cottage Gate Creations

By Jennifer Hetrick

Copper necklaceThis contemporary pendant of copper and brass in its bright beadwork and unique mingling of metals well exemplifies the artistic style of Kim Soroko.

Photograph courtesy of Kim Soroko

When Kim Soroko and her cousin Candy Ahlf teamed up to start Cottage Gate Collectibles, they ran into a slight problem---their beloved business name stretched too long for what Etsy would allow. Serendipitously, they changed their name to Cottage Gate Creations, and expanded their focus to include handcrafted jewelry. Soon their business grew into a thriving eclectic online store specializing in copper and brass jewelry with their own signature style.

The two complement each other’s work for a unique business dichotomy. While Ahlf’s jewelry-making involves chain maille, viking weave, variations of woven bracelets and crocheted jewelry, Soroko’s similar talents focus largely on metal through copper and brass. Soroko is especially drawn to creating pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pins.

“I love glass, stone, and metals,” Soroko says. “And what I love in particular about the colors of copper and brass is the warmth to them.”

She sources her metals from CBC Metal Supply in East Orange, New Jersey and through the NYC-based Metalliferous.

“I want to make jewelry that just about anybody can afford,” Soroko notes. Wearing her own jewelry is the best promotional effort she has gleaned, as people often notice it and ask her for a business card so they can find more jewelry to eye-peruse on Facebook.

Copper ring Light and bright, this copper ring incorporates a simple yet alluring coiled design.
Photograph courtesy of Kim Soroko

When Soroko is creating a piece, she often takes a free form approach.

“As I’m working with the materials, they almost tell me what they want to be,” Soroko says about copper and brass. “And when you’re polishing them, the warmth of the color comes out. There is just something about them.”

With several spring shows now under their belt, Soroko and Ahlf are scheduled to be in the Heart of Lancaster Arts and Crafts Show from August 31 to September 1, the Hay Creek Festival's Home Craft & Antique Market in Geigertown from September 6 to 8, Skippack Days on October 5 and 6, the Der Belsnickel Craft Show presented by the Boyertown Area Historical Society on November 29 and 30, and Christmas at Joanna Furnace from December 6 to 8.


Cottage Gate Creations, Denver, PA, (717) 484-0151

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