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Winter 2002

Kitchen Copper for More than Cooking

If you and your family enjoy the warm, appealing look of copper in your kitchen, here's a new way of enhancing it with more than copper cookware: Frigo Design has introduced add-on, germ-repelling copper facades for every model of refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, icemaker and vent hood cover plus copper sheeting for countertops and sink backsplashes. If you're handy, you can install these enhancements yourself, usually in under an hour.

Founded in Brewerton, New York, 18 years ago, privately held Frigo has long offered facades in other materials, such as wood and stainless steel. The copper line was introduced earlier this year at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and the International Builders Show.

Frigo Design manufactures facades for every model of kitchen appliance available in the USA.
Kitchens can be enhanced with copper countertops from Frigo Design.Kitchens can be enhanced with copper countertops from Frigo Design. The company also manufactures facades for every model of kitchen appliance available in the USA, which can be installed by the handy homeowner.

Because many foreigners attend these big shows, sales inquiries are coming in from abroad, according to Alan Isaacs, Frigo’s sales manager. He says that "the aesthetics of appliances are much more important to customers outside the USA." When the new copper facades begin receiving exposure in magazines devoted to homes, Isaacs expects more and more homeowners to choose them.

Frigo uses copper sheeting, some with quilted designs. The sheeting is C11000 cold-rolled, annealed copper. It is delivered in thicknesses of 0.048" for appliance panels and 0.060" for countertops and backsplashes.

What if a homeowner wants to add a facade to an older appliance? No problem: The exact dimensions of over 35,000 models of kitchen appliances, old and new, can be called up on their computers by Frigo's engineers.

The facades they design are available through Frigo's dealers and at Sears stores. To locate the nearest dealer, contact Frigo. If you’re not up to installing the facades or countertops yourself, Frigo can refer you to an experienced installer in your neighborhood.

What if children leave their fingerprints on the facades? Frigo recommends using any copper cleaner or tabasco sauce to wipe the grime away.

Frigo: 800-836-8746

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