Plumbers Vote for Copper in Landslide

June 28, 1996


NEW YORK - Ninety-four percent of plumbers nationwide use copper plumbing exclusively for their own homes, according to recent research by Copper Development Association.

The CDA study was based on interviews with residential plumbing contractors working on new construction as well as existing homes and multi-family units across the continental U.S. The data show that copper accounts for 86% of the plumbing tube used for water distribution. Also, contractors in the Northeast and West favor copper more than those in the South.

In another national study, buyers of both new and used homes agree by more than two to one that they would never have to be concerned about copper plumbing, copper is of greater overall quality than plastic, copper doesn't leak, lasts a long time, and has durability so it doesn't break.

Also, significantly more interviewees said copper is a good value for the money.

Among the strongest appeals of copper to recent home buyers is that copper keeps drinking water pure and fresh, because it naturally inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and blocks the penetration of outside contaminants.

Also cited were the appeal of the small difference in cost for the copper quality and the value it adds to a home's resale.

Copper Development Association is the information, education and technical development arm of the copper, brass and bronze industry in the United States.