Staffing Changes at Copper Development Association

September 8, 1998


NEW YORK - There have been several management staffing changes at the Copper Development Association, headquartered here, since the beginning of the year due to a retirement, promotions and expanded staffing. Robert M. Payne, president, called the changes a dynamic move to take advantage of the talents and experience each individual has to offer CDA and to the U.S. copper and brass industry it represents.

Arthur Cohen, manager of codes and standards, after 30 years of service, now residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and serving as a consultant to the industry.

Andrew G. Kireta, Sr., to vice president, tube, pipe and fittings, formerly national program manager for plumbing tube, operating from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Robert D. Weed, to vice president, rod, bar and mechanical wire, formerly manager of transportation, operating from Birmingham, Michigan.

Andrew G. Kireta, Jr., to manager, technical projects - tube, pipe and fittings, and retaining his position as Midwest regional manager for plumbing applications, operating from Crown Point, Indiana.

H. Wayne Seale, Eastern regional manager for architectural applications, formerly with the Construction Specifications Institute, operating from West Chester, Pennsylvania.