Copper Association Releases Busbar Sizing Guide Web Site

February 1, 1999


NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association has released a new Web site which helps users calculate the proper sized copper busbar for their electrical system. The site helps users find the busbar system with the lowest life-cycle cost by comparing the costs of installing and operating systems with different size conductors.

In addition to the sizing analysis program, the site also includes information on U.S. sources of copper busbar, busbar ampacities and typical busbar sizes. According to David Brender, CDA's national program manager - electrical, the site is particularly useful to large users of electricity, electrical contractors, and engineers. Additionally, the site provides utilities with a tool and benchmark for establishing electrical energy efficiency programs, including a basis for determining rebates.

Brender said the site was created to help overcome a first-cost bias in the purchase and installation of wire and busbar systems. Contracts are often awarded to the firm offering the lowest bid, rather than for systems with the lowest life-cycle cost.

A more detailed description of the site can be read in the current issue of Innovations, CDA's online magazine covering technological changes impacting copper. The new site is an addition to The Copper Page, the most comprehensive Web source for copper metals information.