Copper Association Launches New Web Site on Free-Cutting Brass

February 1, 1999


NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association has released a new Web site devoted to free-cutting brass, UNS C36000. "Alloy 360" is one of the oldest and most widely used of all copper alloys, surpassed only by copper, itself.

Robert D. Weed, CDA's vice president for rod and bar products, calls the site an important reference and information resource for designers, engineers, purchasing managers, screw machine operators, and others involved with materials selection, fabrication and use.

The site is includes detailed information on supply, structure, properties, machinability, corrosion resistance and comparisons of the cost of using brass vs. steel, along with frequently asked questions and case examples of sample applications. The new site is an addition to The Copper Page,, the most comprehensive Web source for copper metals information.

Weed says, "Brass is widely available and in plentiful supply. Free-cutting brass sets the benchmark for machinability, and that translates into lower product cost compared with leaded steel for an extraordinary array of screw machine parts. It's close dimensional control and high surface finishes are reflected in higher product quality. And, natural corrosion resistance eliminates the need for expensive electroplating. Brass gives the designer freedom to conceive parts that are either impossible or would not be economical in steel. The Free-Cutting Brass Web site helps provide the information needed to use it effectively."