Industry Consortium Designates Lead-Free Alloy Series: EnviroBrass

November 3, 1999


NEW YORK- A brass industry consortium led by the Copper Development Association has designated "EnviroBrass" as a registered name for the alloy series it introduced as SeBiLOYs in 1995. EnviroBrass alloys help component manufacturers to meet the strict requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation's NSF Standard 61 for drinking water as well as related U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules.

Dr. Harold T. Michels, CDA vice president for technical and environmental programs, said, "The original technical name, SeBiLOY, simply refers to alloy composition; whereas, EnviroBrass is a trade name that reflects environmental friendliness-the real positive attribute of the alloys."

Michels continued, "The highly acclaimed EnviroBrass alloys contain only trace amounts of lead up to a maximum of 0.25 percent. EnviroBrass I (C89510) and EnviroBrass II (C89520) substitute a mixture of selenium and bismuth for the lead contained in the cast red brasses, typically used in potable water applications such as water meters, valves and plumbing fixtures. EnviroBrass III, C89550, is expected to be released early next year. It will offer a lead-free yellow brass for the permanent mold casting process."

EnviroBrass is supplied as ingot or castings by manufacturers who obtain a selenium-bismuth "master melt" called Envirolloy from ASARCO Incorporated, which first conceived of the lead replacement. The breakthrough alloys were brought to market by a research and development consortium of CDA, Asarco, BBIM (Brass and Bronze Ingot Manufacturers) and AFS (American Foundrymen's Society), along with water products producers and other foundries.

Michels said the manufacturing and finishing characteristics of EnviroBrass alloys are comparable to C84400 and C83600 leaded red brasses. They offer good strength, excellent casting characteristics and high machinability. They also offer significant environmental, health and safety benefits to foundrymen, machine shops, plumbing manufacturers as well as end users. No royalties or licensing fees are related to the manufacture of any of the alloys.