Copper Association Launches Architecture Web Site

February 22, 1999


NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association has released a new Web site devoted to copper in architecture. Daniel Sternthal, CDA's national program manager for architectural markets, said the site is an exciting expansion of the association's program to provide educational and technical support services to architects, contractors and owners related to the design, installation and maintenance of architectural copper products in North America.

The new site includes architectural specifications and details from the CDA Copper in Architecture Handbook, information on new products and sources of supply, and a review of frequently asked questions. It also contains a current publications listing along with information on how professionals can arrange for CDA design assistance, architectural seminars, self-study programs and other association resources.

Sternthal said the site is a response to industry requests to make more accessible the wealth of information CDA has on copper applications. "This site will continually evolve and expand to meet the needs industry. We welcome everyone to explore it, comment on it and offer suggestions on how we can best serve them.

The architectural site is related to CDA's comprehensive The Copper Page, which addresses all areas of copper applications and information.