Copper Association Launches Web Page on Copper Tube for Fuel Gas Distribution

February 1, 1999


NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association has developed a new Web page on the use of copper tubing for fuel gas distribution. The page entitled: "Copper: It's a Natural for Fuel Gas," is aimed at industry professionals and includes information on system design, tube sizing and fittings specifications, and recommended installation methods.

"The new page has much information of interest to installers, builders, gas utility personnel and code officials," says Andrew G. Kireta, Sr., CDA's vice president for pipe, tube and fittings. It includes sections on the use of copper tubing for elevated- and low-pressure systems, available commercial tubing sizes, and details about inspection and testing procedures. Numerous tables and diagrams accompany the text information and offer a comprehensive technical reference.

"Copper is ideal for both natural and LP gas distribution," Kireta says. "It's flexible, which makes it quick and easy to install, particularly in confined spaces. It's durable so it resists corrosion and metal fatigue. And its dependable, leak-free joining systems ensure reliability and peace of mind."

Copper is also the most cost-effective material for residential gas distribution. Installed costs are much lower than those for either rigid black pipe or corrugated stainless steel. The new Web page includes details on numerous publications and design tools enabling contractors to easily design copper fuel gas systems.

"We have provided links to gas industry Web sites which are on the cutting edge of technology in this field," Kireta says. "We want visitors to our site to have access to the latest data about fuel gas distribution so they can be equipped to make informed decisions about system design and installation."

In addition to the new Web page, CDA offers training seminars and field support on copper tubing for fuel gas distribution; course descriptions are listed on the site. There is also a section on copper gas news that currently highlights information from the 1999 National Association of Home Builders Show.

The new copper fuel distribution Web page will be updated frequently with the latest industry information and upcoming events. For more information on the fuel gas page, "Copper: It's a Natural for Fuel Gas," contact the Copper Development Association at 212-251-7200, or visit our Fuelgas section.