Copper Development Association Enhances Web Site

January 14, 2000


NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association announces upcoming enhancements to the Plumbing section of its Web site in March. In addition to getting a fresh look with new graphics, The Copper Page is being reorganized to allow easier access and navigation for builders, remodelers, mechanical contractors and consumers, alike, according to Andy Kireta, Sr., CDA vice president for tube, pipe and fittings. Information on the existing site will continue to be kept up-to-date while the new site is being prepared, Kireta said.

New content will also be added to the vast CDA site, which provides general market data about copper, in addition to technical information related to specific industrial uses of the metal in areas ranging from architectural and automotive applications to electrical and telecommunications wiring. The new material relates to a CDA marketing initiative called the Builder Satisfaction Program, which is designed to help home builders leverage their use of copper building materials to enhance their reputation for quality construction.

" Many of the innovations you'll see on the new Copper Page were inspired by our work on the Builder Satisfaction project," says Kireta, who collaborated with Marquardt & Roche/Meditz & Hackett of Stamford, Connecticut, on the Web site redesign. "We think we've come a long way in making the site more interesting, more usable and more graphically consistent."