Payne Retires at Copper Development Association

December 20, 2000


 CDA Names Kireta New President and CEO

NEW YORK - Robert M. Payne retires at the end of this month as president & CEO of the Copper Development Association after 10 years of service in that position. Andrew G. (Andy) Kireta, Sr., was named to succeed Payne by the CDA board of directors. CDA is the trade association for the copper and brass industry in the USA.

Payne culminates a 40-year nonferrous metals career that began with Revere Copper and Brass, Inc., at its Baltimore Division. He subsequently developed broad market experience in the copper-base metals through a succession of management positions including vice president and COO of Revere Ware.

He took over the reins of the Copper Development Association in 1990 and spearheaded programs, which have led to unprecedented growth in the industry. He also relinquishes his position as executive director of the North American region of the International Copper Association, which he has held since 1994. Payne will spend part-time consulting with CDA and ICA from his residence in Wilton, Conn.

Kireta moves to the top executive position following 21 years with the association. He began his career in the piping industry with the United Association Local 520 and was field superintendent for G.R. Sponaugle & Sons in Harrisburg, Pa. He joined CDA in 1979 an served as Northeast Regional manager for 15 years before rising to national program manager and, since 1997, vice president for tube, pipe and fittings. His direction of the North American Plumbing Tube Initiative for Canada and the USA and development of CDA's Builder Satisfaction Program have had a significant impact on key copper markets.

According to Payne, "Kireta brings well-honed management skills, an in-depth knowledge of the copper industry and a track record for developing training, technical, marketing and promotion programs, all of which will serve well the association and its member companies."