Copper Development Association Offers Customer-Contact Mailer To Communications Wiring Installers

February 8, 2002


NEW YORK - A ready-to-mail consumer brochure, containing the Top 10 Questions customers should ask themselves when evaluating their communications wiring needs, is available for communications wiring installers and systems integrators from the Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA).

According to Bill Black, CDA vice president for Wire & Cable, the direct-mail piece can play an important role in the marketing of professional services, especially now when consumer spending is slowing and competition is increasing. "The need for upgraded communications wiring has never been greater," he says. "At the same time, communications installers and systems integrators are looking for new ways to reach and assist consumers with decision-making information. This mailer can help meet that need."

The colorful brochure is designed to attract the attention of home and apartment owners. Its headline focuses on areas of critical importance by asking: "Is Your Home, Home Office, Phone System Wired for the 21st Century?" The brochure also provides a consumer checklist to help determine individual needs. Questions such as: "Are you an active Internet user?" and "Do you own more than one computer, and are they networked?" help people recognize how communications wiring affects their daily lives and why they should consider wiring or rewiring to meet their needs.

The mailer also lists important questions that consumers can ask their installer to help them make informed purchasing decisions. Customers are instructed to ask for references, discuss installer training and equipment warranties, and inquire about the benefits of structured wiring systems using Category 5 or 5e wiring and RG-6 coaxial cable.

No envelope is necessary if the brochure is to be mailed to potential customers. Blank areas are provided for addresses or mailing labels and for the installer's return address. The installer supplies the postage. These brochures may also be handed out at home shows and other venues. CDA offers them free to professional installers in quantities up to 200 or at a nominal cost for larger amounts.

For more information or to order copies, please contact Bill Black at:
800-CDA-DATA (800-232-3282).


EDITOR'S NOTE: This self-mailer has two blank panels:

  • One panel allows the installer to address the brochure to a prospective customer.
  • A second panel is for the installer's company name and address, so the customer can conveniently respond to the offer.

Postage costs are the responsibility of the installer. To make sure that stamps and addresses are placed in the proper location, follow these steps:

  • When the mailer is laid flat, with the word HELP! at the top (the blue panel is upside down), the bottom panel is used for the customer address. Fill in the customer address (or use a mailing label) and place a stamp at the upper right of this panel.
  • The top panel (above the word HELP!) is for the installer's return address. A postage stamp already affixed to this section (or printed by postage meter) is recommended.