CDA Offers Customer-Contact Mailer to Electricians and Electrical Contractors

February 8, 2002


NEW YORK - A preprinted, ready-to-mail electrical information brochure that contractors, electricians and consumers will all find helpful is now available from the Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA).

Professionals can use the brochure to attract new business. Designed to attract the attention of homeowners and apartment dwellers, the brochure bears the headline, "Do You Need An Electrician?" Inside is a checklist residents can use to evaluate the state of their home's electrical readiness, along with a second list of questions the homeowner can pose to a potential contractor. The questionnaire includes a convenient consumer-response section to be mailed back to the contractor.

Among the check-off items are typical household electrical situations that indicate a need for further professional investigation, such as "Do your lights dim when appliances turn on?" and "Have you ever upgraded your electrical service?" Questions to ask the electrician include "Will I have to apply for a permit?" and "Can you provide references from other homeowners?" A brief explanation accompanies each checkbox and question.

The colorful brochures may also be handed out at home shows and other venues. They have blank areas suitable for addresses or mailing labels and for the electrical contractor's return address. No envelope is necessary; however, if mailed, the contractor must supply postage. CDA offers the brochures free to professional contractors and organizations in quantities up to 200 or at a nominal cost for larger amounts.

For more information or to order copies of the brochure, contact Bill Black at: 800-CDA-DATA (800-232-3282).


EDITOR'S NOTE: This self-mailer has two blank panels:

  • One panel allows the installer to address the brochure to a prospective customer.
  • A second panel is for the installer's company name and address, so the customer can conveniently respond to the offer.

Postage costs are the responsibility of the installer. To make sure that stamps and addresses are placed in the proper location, follow these steps:

  • When the mailer is laid flat, with the word YES! at the top (the black panel is upside down), the bottom panel is used for the customer address. Fill in the customer address (or use a mailing label) and place a stamp at the upper right of this panel.
  • The top panel (above the word YES!) is for the installer's return address. A postage stamp already affixed to this section (or printed by postage meter) is recommended.