CDA Offers New CD-Rom Free to Electrical & Communications Contractors and Installers

November 14, 2002


Valuable Resource Features In-Depth Q&A on Technology and Market Opportunities

NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association today announced a new CD-ROM that informs and educates installers about the growing importance of residential communications wiring. The new CD-ROM is the "Installer Edition" of the "Structured Wiring for Today's Home" series being produced by the Copper Development Association. Previously, CDA released the "Homebuilder Edition," the first in the series, answering homebuilders' questions about structured wiring.

Electrical contractors, systems integrators and other low-voltage installers have many questions about what the new communications technologies mean to them and how they can grow their businesses. The new CD-ROM specifically addresses the concerns of installers. It equips installers with marketing strategies and technical knowledge.

The "Installer Edition" CD-ROM represents the culmination of hundreds of interviews conducted by the Copper Development Association, in search of what really counts in the communications marketplace. It uncovers real opportunities for installers.

Structured wiring is being incorporated into an increasing percentage of new homes, and the retrofit market is also advancing rapidly. To profit from this trend, installers need to recognize the business and career opportunities in this dynamic field. Foremost in their minds are the following concerns: Can I make money doing this? What type of background is needed to enter the field? Where do I go to get the necessary training? What is the demand for structured wiring? Is this demand going to continue?

This easy-to-use CD-ROM answers the above questions and many others installers have. It shows what consumers, builders and other customers are asking for, describing the basics of a structured wiring system and explaining what features and options are available to the consumer.

In all, the CD-ROM represents the opinions of 67 interviewees, ranging from installers to homeowners, builders, realtors and manufacturers.

Each of 69 topics is represented by a video clip ranging from 20 seconds to 2 minutes in length. Following each clip, the user can scan frequently asked questions for expansion and clarification of the subject. The CD-ROM wraps up with sources of further information for installers.

The CD-ROM is available free to communications systems installers and electrical contractors. Additional information on communications wiring is available in our Telecommunications section.

View the CD-ROM cover.