CD-ROM From CDA Explains Residential Communications Wiring to Homebuilders

January 15, 2003


CDA Gives Away Homebuilder Edition Of CD-ROM At IBS 2003

LAS VEGASHome Builder - CDROMAn all-new CD-ROM created to inform and educate homebuilders on the growing importance of residential communications wiring was distributed at the 2003 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, January 21-24.

Titled Structured Wiring For Today’s Homes—Homebuilder Edition, the CD-ROM addresses common questions about wiring homes for voice, video, data, control systems and security. It also demonstrates how builders can profit from the growing demand for structured wiring. A total of 43 different topics are covered with video clips that range from 20 seconds to 2 minutes in length. Following each clip, viewers can access one or more Frequently Asked Questions for clarification on that subject. The CD-ROM wraps up with sources of further information for builders.

The CD-ROM is available for order by going to the Publications List.

IBS Attendees: Copies of the CD-ROM are available free of charge at the CDA Exhibit Booth N2830 or by contacting CDA.

CD-ROM Table of Contents

  • Why Structured Wiring
  • Structured Wiring Is Good Business
  • Structured Wiring: A Basic Need
  • Homebuyers Demand It!
  • Awareness Drives Demand
  • Structured Wiring is Needed Today
  • Structured Wiring vs. Wireless
  • Don’t Build Obsolete Homes
  • Make Structured Wiring Standard
What Is Structured Wiring?
  • Structured Wiring Basics
  • Recommended Configuration
  • FCC Requirements
  • TIA/EIA-570-A Standard
  • Need for Multiple Cables per Location
  • Star Wiring
  • Category 5 or Better
  • Basic Wire Care
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Central Distribution Devices
Consumer Demand
  • Entry Level To Custom
  • The Internet Explosion
  • Trends
  • Home Office
  • Home Theater
  • Whole-House Video
  • Whole-House Audio
  • Home Networking
  • Home Controls & Security
  • Resale Value Matters
  • Importance of Trained Installers
  • Finding Properly Trained Installers
  • Initial Design
  • Outside Service Entrances
  • Pre-Wire Fundamentals
  • Trim-Out
  • Testing Basic
Show me the Money
  • Builder Profits
  • A Competitive Edge
  • Builder Costs
  • Profiting Through Upgrades
  • Builder Cash Flow
  • Marketing via Sales Centers
  • Marketing Support From Installers