Homeowner-Friendly Information Added to CDA's the Copper Page Web Site

January 15, 2003


NEW YORK, NY— An all-new, home- and shelter-oriented Internet feature section designed to provide information in a lively, entertaining format for homeowners, home builders and consumers has been added to the Copper Development Association's existing Web site, The Copper Page.

The new section, Copper In Your Home, offers a wealth of user-friendly information about the many ways copper, brass and bronze products enhance our homes and our lives. Topics range from understanding structured communications wiring to how residential plumbing and heating systems function. Other areas of the site feature hands-on construction projects and crafts homeowners can make with copper, interior design tips, recipes, games for children and information about copper's role in health and nutrition.

Relevant portions of Copper In Your Home link directly to The Copper Page, which offers technical information on a wide array of copper applications, as well as installation techniques for builders, architects, plumbers and other tradesmen.