Copper Development Association Gives Builders Tips On Wiring New Homes For Safety And Satisfaction

January 19, 2004


LAS VEGAS, NV— According to the Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA), builders can offer a higher level of safety and satisfaction to new-home buyers by ensuring that residential wiring systems provide the capacity and performance that homebuyers expect. Meeting these demands often necessitates going beyond the minimal code requirements.

"One reason why a homebuyer chooses to buy a new home rather than an older home is to enjoy the benefits of a modern fully-wired home," said Bill Black, vice president of Wire and Cable for CDA. "It is important for builders to keep up with the many changes that have occurred in the electrical codes, technology and lifestyles in recent years. Many of these changes go beyond 'code-minimum' requirements but are nonetheless necessary for the satisfaction of today's savvy homebuyer."

The Copper Development Association lists the "Top Ten Wiring Upgrades in Demand by New-Home Buyers" as follows:

  1. Upgrade all AWG-14 wiring circuits to AWG-12.
  2. Upgrade communications wiring to best available (Cat 5e twisted-pair wiring and RG-6 coaxial cable).
  3. Install ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), primarily in wet areas (kitchens, baths, garages, etc.).
  4. Install arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) to avoid fires due to electrical arcing.
  5. Increase the electrical load capacity of the home.
  6. Increase the number and decrease the spacing of electrical outlets to accommodate modern lifestyles.
  7. Install a structured wiring system for networking home computers as well as for home control options and home automation.
  8. Install a structured wiring system for the distribution of audio and video signals, to allow for whole house audio and versatile entertainment systems.
  9. Add electronic security systems and enjoy peace of mind.
  10. Improve grounding to protect against power surges, power outages and lightning strikes.

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