High Tech Wiring Is Best For High Definition, Says Copper Development Association

November 21, 2005


NEW YORK, NY— Consumers are migrating in large numbers to high-definition television. According to the Copper Development Association (CDA), HDTV is not just high definition, it is also digital. In the home, these signals are routed to a HDTV via high-bandwidth communications cables.

"The gold standard for home communications for the foreseeable future is called structured wiring," says John Cowie, manager of communications wiring for CDA. "That means separate wiring is run to separate rooms in a star-like pattern, often called a home run configuration, from a central distribution device (CDD)." According to Cowie, the old daisy chaining method of wiring is out and home runs are in. Daisy chaining (serial connection of outlets) is unsuitable for modern communications systems. The FCC prohibited that method of phone wiring in new construction way back in 2000.

In the home run configuration, wiring from the outlets in each room is connected directly to the CDD. The CDD, in turn, is connected to various services, such as cable television, satellite television and a broadband Internet connection. Using this setup, the digital signals are easily distributed to any room in the house, where HDTVs, sophisticated sound systems and other top-of-the-line entertainment systems stand ready to deliver the goods to our eyes and ears. The same system can also accommodate your home computer network, security, audio system and telephones.

High-tech wiring today consists of Category 5e or Category 6 (Cat5e or Cat6) wires and quad-shielded RG-6 coaxial cables with an all-copper center conductor. These wires and cables can be bundled together and run through the walls, with separate terminations at faceplates, strategically placed throughout the home and built into the walls. These days it is not uncommon to find electronics and speakers built into the walls as well. "A veritable revolution is now happening with respect to technology in the home," says Cowie.

The same company that installs your HDTV system probably can also offer a structured wiring system for select rooms of your home, or for your whole house. The HDTV business is redefining the traditional role of electricians, phone workers and cable installers. These new workers can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively install the high-tech wiring system as well as the home-entertainment system of your dreams.

To get started immediately, call your local electrician or communications wiring installer. CDA offers consumers a checklist for determining your structured wiring needs and for hiring a professional installer.