Easy-To-Install Copper Roofing Shingles

January 11, 2006


Bronze and Copper Bathtubs, Sinks and Architectural Embellishments Inside and Out Also Impart a Quality Effect

ORLANDO - Builders can now install copper roofs as easily as any other roofing material, thanks to the availability of new lightweight copper shingles, according to the Copper Development Association (CDA).

"Traditional standing seam copper roofs require special equipment and trained metal workers to install, which can put the initial cost of those roofs out of reach for many home builders and their clients," says Andrew G. Kireta Jr., CDA's Building Construction national program manager.

"Copper shingles can be installed on a roof just like other types of shingles, making them much less expensive than sheet metal roofing. And, because copper withstands the elements so well and lasts so long, they're far more cost-effective than shingles made of asphalt, wood or tile."

Today there are at least a dozen manufacturers supplying copper shingles to contractors across the continent. One manufacturer, Revere Copper Products, says copper-shingled roofs are particularly popular in vacation spots like Colorado's ski country because they add a higher level of refinement and luxury to homes.

Like standing seam copper roofs, copper shingles are built to last. In fact, some estimates put the life span of a copper roof at more than 100 years. Copper roofs are definitely an investment that pays off over the long term, adds Kireta.

Over the years, copper roofs and architectural pieces like downspouts, gutters, finials, fascia, eaves and cupolas have garnered the lion's share of attention from architects and builders. Recently, however, copper interior applications are gaining in popularity thanks to their natural beauty.

Luxurious copper bathtubs, offered by several manufacturers, can give high-end builders an eye-popping focal point for their luxurious master suites, along with lustrous copper, brass or bronze fixtures and hardware. Meanwhile, copper and bronze stair railings make a dramatic statement in any home.

Other uses for copper in home décor today include kitchen countertops, which scientific studies show have the added benefit of being naturally bacteria-resistant when they are left uncoated. Copper and bronze are also popular on fireplace surrounds, in kitchenware and farmhouse-styled apron sinks. This trend even extends to major appliance fronts, as well as to small appliances, including toasters, blenders and mixers.

Home building professionals seeking more information on copper products can visit the CDA website, www.copper.org.