Copper Soldering and Brazing Guidelines Now Available in Spanish

April 3, 2006


NEW YORK, NY— With the United States still riding a record five-year surge in new housing construction, the demand for skilled construction workers remains strong. And, like many industries, construction and contracting has seen a tremendous increase in the number of native Spanish-speaking tradesmen, who now account for approximately one-fifth of all worksite personnel. To meet the needs of this growing population better, the Copper Development Association (CDA) has released a Spanish-language version of its copper, brass and bronze Application Data Sheet, "Soldering and Brazing Copper Tube and Fittings."

"Go to any jobsite or construction project throughout the country today and you will most likely hear two languages spoken, English and Spanish," states Harold Moret, southern regional manager for CDA. "But no matter which trade you work in or what language you speak, proper technique and safety are key components of quality workmanship.

"The Copper Development Association now is proud to offer its widely used and respected publication on soldering and brazing copper to the Spanish-speaking workforce," said Andy Kireta Jr., CDA national program manager for tube, pipe and fittings. "This publication is the first of many to be translated, in an ongoing effort to make CDA's entire catalogue of resources accessible in Spanish as well as English."

Designed for professionals in the plumbing and pipe-fitting trades, the CDA guide is the industry's primary reference for all aspects of joining copper tube, pipe and fittings. Recommended techniques for measuring, cutting, assembling, cleaning, heating and applying solder are provided through clearly written instructions and step-by-step photos. Two tables identifying solder requirements for different pipe sizes and the correct filler metals used in brazing are included, along with a graph of melting temperature ranges and a description of flux behavior during the brazing cycle. The publication also provides guidance on maintaining the health and safety of workers throughout the entire joining process.

The soldering and brazing guide is a valuable tool for plumbers and pipe fitters and is often used as course material in industry training programs. Currently, the CDA is working on a translation of its comprehensive "Copper Tube Handbook" and other materials.

To download a copy of "Soldering and Brazing Copper Tube and Fittings." in Spanish or English, or for more information about copper and the copper industry, see Soldering / Brazing / Welding Publications Section on CDA's website. The Copper Development Association can also be reached by phone at 212-251-7200 or by mail at 260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016.