Seeing is Believing: Actor Tours Four Wired Homes

August 8, 2007


John Ratzenberger Narrates Multimedia CD-ROM about Structured Wiring Produced by the Copper Development Association

NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association has produced a new multimedia CD-ROM titled "Structured Wiring for Today's Homes - Homeowner edition" hosted by actor John Ratzenberger (who played "Cliff Claven" in Cheers and is host of Made in America). The CD-ROM is available free of charge upon request from CDA.

Digital electronics are an important part of our lives, yet most homes are not wired to handle high-speed digital communications. Because communications wiring (for telephone, cable TV, etc.) is hidden in walls and invisible to homeowners, many people are unaware of its limitations or their options for upgrading it.

To raise awareness of communications or "structured" wiring, the Copper Development Association invited actor John Ratzenberger on a grand tour of four homes with four very different digital lifestyles. What he learned from the families he visited was videotaped and is now available free-of-charge on a compact disc while supplies last.

Ratzenberger introduces viewers to four households: one with active teenagers, another with younger children, an "empty nester" home, and the home of an electrical engineer with a passion for all things digital. In addition to the home tours, Ratzenberger provides a friendly overview of the structured wiring concept, explaining the basic needs of homes today. He points out the differences between wired and wireless solutions and shows why communications wiring is as important for entry-level homes as for sophisticated custom homes. He also touches on such topics as why buying an obsolete home (with old-style, pre-digital communications wiring) is a bad idea, and he discusses issues relating to home remodeling and wiring retrofits.

"There are so many cool features available to a home wired with high-speed communications wiring," says David Brender, national program manager for the Copper Development Association. "Structured wiring is what makes it possible, including home networking, Internet connections, home office, whole-house audio, whole-house video, home theater, home automation and home security. John does a fantastic job describing these conveniences in plain language."

Ratzenberger also introduces specialists who get into the nitty-gritty of what structured wiring is, how it works and why it is needed. Top manufacturers, real estate agents, builders and system integrators share their experiences and expertise on a variety of fascinating topics. Altogether, Ratzenberger introduces a cast of 46 participants, who elaborate on 23 different topics.

"If you've thought about wiring your home for high-speed digital electronics, this CD-ROM is for you," says Brender. "John Ratzenberger brings a sense of humor to a subject of growing importance in all of our lives."

The multimedia CD-ROM, "Structured Wiring for Today's Homes - Homeowner Edition," is free while supplies last. For your copy, log on to