CDA Staff

7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 300
McLean, VA 22102 
Phone: 212-251-7200
Fax: 703-506-3266

To contact our staff by Email, use the Email prefix shown for the appropriate person(s) followed by

Andrew G., Jr. Kireta
President & CEO
Phone: 212-251-7231
Email prefix: andrew.kiretajr
Lozano, Luis J.
Technical Consultant
Phone: 212-251-7227
Fax: 860-621-5364
Email prefix: luis.lozano
Shapiro, Gene
Technical Consultant
Phone: 212-251-7228
Email prefix: gene.shapiro
Lotz, Amy
Chief of Staff
Phone: 703-506-3289
Email prefix: amy.lotz
Beal, Rhea
Vice President, Finance
Phone: 703-506-7677
Email prefix: rhea.beal
Appel, Glenn
Staff Accountant
Phone: 212-251-7217
Email prefix: glenn.appel
Mamouni, Fatine
Manager, CDA
Phone: 703-651-8201
Email prefix: fatine.mamouni
Material Stewardship
Smith, Erin
Project Manager, Material Stewardship
Phone: 212-251-7247
Email prefix: erin.smith
Technical Inquiries, Seminars and Information
Phone: 212-251-7218
Estelle, Adam
Vice President
Phone: 212-251-7232
Email prefix: adam.estelle
Rankin, Crystal
Manager, Marketing Communications 
Phone: 212-251-7206
Email: crystal.rankin
Hipchen, John
Director, Energy & Electrical Systems
Phone: 212-251-7208
Email prefix: john.hipchen
Kotrba, Adam
Director, Flat Products
Phone: 212-251-7249
Email prefix: adam.kotrba
Moret, Harold
Project Manager & Piping Applications Specialist
Phone: 212-251-7211
Email prefix: harold.moret
Peters, Larry E.
Project Manager & Architectural Applications Specialist
Phone: 212-251-7219
Email prefix: larry.peters
                                                                GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS
Hilbert, John
Director, Government Relations
Phone: 703-506-3260
Email prefix: john.hilbert