Broadcast Radio Stations Turn to Code Exceeding Techniques to Ensure Uptime

March 22, 2017


Copper Grounding Systems Can Prevent Costly Outages and Equipment Breakdown Caused by Lightning

NEW YORK, NY— Power outages, interrupted programming and costly repairs are just a few of the potential outcomes a broadcast radio station could encounter in the event of a lightning strike. In order to prevent system outages and interrupted on-air time, building owners and facility mangers should install lightning protection systems that exceed the National Electrical Code (NEC). These improvements in bonding, grounding and wiring can greatly alleviate power quality problems at little cost, often saving equipment as well as downtime.

Next month, David Brender, the national program manager for electrical applications at the Copper Development Association (CDA) will share tips for ensuring on-air time with the attendees of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, the world's largest event covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content. The annual show draws nearly 100,000 attendees from every sector of the industry, including broadcast and other communication professionals.

During his session, “Grounding and Bonding Are Fundamental to Reliability,” Brender will explore actual cases where lightning strikes caused extensive damage to broadcast and communication facilities and how a lightning protection system helped eliminate them. He will also stress the importance of going beyond the minimal requirements of the NEC in order to greatly enhance reliability and reduce down-time. Brender’s session is scheduled for April 22 at 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. in Room N258 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“The last thing a radio station wants to experience is downtime – once you go off the air, listeners are going to change the channel,” said Brender. “By installing a properly designed all-copper lightning protection system, facility managers can significantly reduce costly electrical repairs and ensure uninterrupted programing for listeners.”

For more information about all-copper lightning protection systems or to access a variety of CDA’s electrical case studies. To schedule a free seminar on lightning protection systems, please visit our Electrical Seminars section.