10.8. Downspout Hangers

Description: Hangers are used to hold downspouts in position. Copper used for the fabrication of hangers should be 2 gauges heavier than the copper used for downspouts.

The form of the hanger should conform to the shape of the downspout. Selection of the proper hanger includes the following considerations: the size and type of downspout, the construction type of the building, appearance, and ease of removal for painting and repair.

Fasteners used for the attachment of downspouts to hangers vary; the most typical are screws, bolts, and blind rivets. Fasteners with minimal penetration length are used to reduce clogging.

When light colored porous wall materials are used, gaskets may be placed between the downspout straps and the wall to minize potential wall staining.

10.8A. Downspout Hangers

Two typical factory-made downspout hangers are illustrated.

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The downspout is inserted in the hanger after the hanger has been driven into the mortar joint. A wire is used to hold the downspout in place.

A shop-fabricated copper cover may be used to protect the hanger. The cover is placed over the hanger and soldered onto the downspout.

A variation uses a hinged hanger which is wired shut after the downspout is inserted.

10.8B. Downspout Hangers

This detail illustrates some typical strap hangers. The minimum dimensions for these copper straps are 1/16" x 1". The straps are attached to the building with copper or bronze fasteners appropriate to the wall material.

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The bottom left figure illustrates a light gauge hanger for a round downspout. This type of hanger is installed after the downspout is in place.

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