Aluminum Bronzes

The aluminum bronzes find widespread applications in desalination plants, in marine, offshore and shipboard hardware and equipment and in non-marine applications as well. They are used where other materials might fail prematurely or would be more expensive to buy or fabricate. Since the alloys comprise a wide range of compositions, alloy selection needs to be carefully considered. Expert advice is always useful.


  1. Aluminum Bronze for When the Going Gets Tough, Discover Copper, , Aluminum bronze alloys are well represented in the construction of new, state-of-the-art power plants. In power plants at or near the seacoast or where the cooling water is brackish, the big water pumps and condenser tube sheets can be made of corrosion-resistant aluminum bronze. Aluminum bronzes repel zebra mussels that clog water intakes to power plants and municipal water systems. The alloy is used for boat and ship propellers and was chosen by the U.S. Navy for submarine torpedo ejection systems .
  2. Aluminum Bronzes - Part I, Innovations, , The aluminum bronzes offer a combination of mechanical and chemical properties unmatched by other alloy series. They have excellent corrosion resistance, especially in seawater and similar environments, where the alloys often outperform many stainless steels. They also have strength similar to low alloy steels. This paper reviews the applications, effects of alloying elements, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, freedom from oxide flaking and resistance to cavitation erosion .
  3. Aluminum Bronzes - Part II, Innovations, , This paper covers cast and wrought aluminum bronze, fabrication and welding, machining, and references .
  4. C95800 Data Sheet (Aluminum Bronzes), This data sheet contains chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties, casting characteristics fabrication properties, thermal properties, typical uses and specifications. It explains why aluminum bronze is used for marine hardware, covers for marine hardware, ship building, and valves in contact with sea water. .