Applications: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

The Copper Industry Commitment

The use of copper in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems has grown steadily in recent years. This is due in large measure to the inherent properties of the copper metals and their unique abilities to meet the needs of the ACR industry. Stringent new requirements, including demands for increased operating efficiency and the reduction or elimination of harmful emissions, have led to a new appreciation for copper's role in product enhancement.

The copper industry, led by the research and support services provided by the Copper Development Association, continually seeks to expand the use of copper and copper alloys by finding new applications, innovative techniques and information resources to benefit users and potential users. CDA's new comprehensive program, Copper in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, represents a major, long-term commitment to all equipment and component manufacturers and installers involved in air conditioning and refrigeration.

The following support services and information resources are available to individuals and companies active in the development, manufacturing or installation of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment components.

Research and Development
A top priority of the program is CDA's research and development activities devoted to keeping the copper metals in the forefront of modern technology. CDA conducts and manages studies on behalf of copper producers and fabricators, and also interacts with governmental agencies to obtain funding or co-funding for basic and selected research. This includes such areas as copper materials compatibility, fabricating and joining methods, heat transfer properties, effects of refrigerants and lubricants on copper system performance, safety-test and predictive methods and screening procedures.

A wide variety of CDA publications provides technical information of particular interest to those involved in the ACR industry. Most of these publications are free, while some carry a nominal charge. New publications based on recent research are in preparation.

CDA Response Center
Informed staff is available to respond quickly to industry questions and concerns. In addition, the Response Center provides an opportunity to discuss equipment and component development strategies to identify, asses and report on technologies pertaining to copper use, and to establish working relationships with the ACR industry to develop and share pre-competitve technologies.

As a major supplier, the copper industry has a continuing stake in the success of the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. We view our role as that of a contributing partner. And, we are prepared to invest in the research and support services necessary to ensure the ACR industry's future growth and prosperity. Please call 800-CDA-DATA for complete information.