Infrastructure Wiring for Homes (2001)

Existing Homes

Infrastructure Wiring for Existing Homes VideoNew tools and techniques have been developed to permit the clean, efficient, economical installation of a structured wiring system in an existing home. This 2-hour video, tailored to installers, shows how.

The video first illustrates in some detail how houses are built. Then, using a mock-up of a two story house with crawl space and attic, the video describes the use of modern tools and techniques for running wire without tearing up the walls and ceilings.

Finally, installation of structured wiring systems is shown in three homes - one 75-year-old home with balloon construction; one of post-World War II vintage with many add-ons; and finally the ultimate test - a home on a slab, with solid walls and no attic.

Introduction 00:00
Part 1. House Framing 03:20
Retrofit Planning 21:20
Part 2. Installation Tools 23:00
Installation Techniques 45:00
Part 3. Installation Demonstration Houses
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 1926 1:09:40
Austin, Texas - 1947, addns 1965 1:30:05
Tuscon, Arizona - 1964 1:41:25
Wrapup 1:57:55

New Homes

Infrastructure Wiring for New Homes VideoThe video discusses the construction and properties of twisted pair and coaxial cable used in structured wiring systems, including connectors for each. Other components of a system are described - central distribution devices, outlets, audio equipment, etc. Design and testing of residential networks are covered extensively.

The various steps in the planning process are described and illustrated. Finally, installation techniques are shown for two new homes - in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Atlanta, Georgia. This 1- hour, 37 minute video is tailored to installers.

Introduction 00:00
Part 1. Wiring Basics - Wire & Cable 04:15
Wiring Basics - Connectors 25:40
Applications 33:40
Part 2. Infrastructure Wiring/Residential Networks 36:25
Installation Planning 57:00
Part 3. Field Installations - Prewire 1:03:20
Field Installations - Trim-out 1:28:35
Wrapup 1:33:55

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