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October 2007

Art Foundry Gallery Hosts 2008 Beijing Olympic Sculpture Exhibition

Raising Tomorrows Olympic Champions by Shray Raising Tomorrow's Olympic Champions by Shray, for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Sculpture Exhibition

Photograph courtesy of Alan Osborne

The Art Foundry Gallery in Sacramento, California, is the first location in the United States to host the 2008 Beijing Olympic Sculpture Exhibition. Entries from over 80 countries will be displayed, October 9 to October 22. Among the 2008 Beijing Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design contest medalists on display will be a piece from the bronze sculptor Shray, a featured Art Foundry artist. Shray's piece, Raising Tomorrow's Olympic Champions, was one of eight United States entries to make the finals and one of two American entries to be awarded the distinction of "Excellent Works."

Shray is one of the few working artists today who employs the rare Subtractionist technique in her bronze sculptures. Like Michelangelo, who released the human form in stone, Shray unveils her forms in blocks of clay. The piece then goes through a complex 12-step process from the mold all the way to the final pouring of the bronze. Great care is taken in the creation of each limited edition bronze.

"Not many people realize all it takes to create a bronze," says Shray. "The foundry is extremely important. I'm in control of my work and consider each work one of a kind and its own entity. I have great respect for those at the foundry who work on my pieces."

The Beijing Organizing Committee selected Alan Osborne, owner of the Art Foundry Gallery, to present this important event due to his international recognition as a sculptor specializing in public works. Since 1979, The Foundry has garnered a national reputation as one of the premier bronze foundries in Northern California. The Art Foundry currently consists of 2,300 square feet of exhibition space located in historic warehouse district in downtown Sacramento just blocks from the State Capitol. Located in an up and coming art corridor in the region, The Art Foundry shows fine art paintings, mixed media, and original ceramic and bronze sculpture in their main gallery.

The Olympic Sculpture tour will include 65-award winning works of art submitted by artists from over 80 countries and regions. Judges from China, England, the United States, Italy, Germany, Austria and South Korea were part of the selection process. Over 2,300 pieces were submitted in the contest and 386 were chosen for recognition.

Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo was head of the Hosting Committee. Renowned artist Yuan Xikun directed the competition and General Secretary Zou Wen led the international effort. Delegates from the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games attended the opening ceremony on October 9, and a private sponsor reception at the Art Foundry followed on October 12. The exhibition moves on to New York after its Sacramento run ends on October 22.


The Art Foundry Gallery, 1021 R. St., Sacramento, California, (916) 444-2787

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