Copper in the Arts

March 2009

Copper Moon Woodworks: Shedding New Light on Windowshutters

By Donna Dvorak

Copper Moon Shutter Issaquah window shutter with copper medallion.

Courtesy of Copper Moon Woodworks

Copper Moon Woodworks, of Allentown, PA, has designed a plethora of wooden shutters boasting copper accents to brighten the aesthetic appeal of your home. With their new selection of creative designs, embellishments and textures, their distinguished work is noted throughout the USA.

This family owned business was founded by Lori Wnek and her late husband, Ken, in 2003, when they decided to blend their creativity by placing copper accents on exterior shutters.

"We call our shutters 'art for the exterior of your home'", says Lori, who started by creating designs with band saw machines and stamping equipment. "I purchase my copper [locally] from the Lehigh Valley. During this time of year many shutters are shipped to our clients on the West Coast and warmer climates because the weather is more conducive for outside work. We work with our customers one-on-one through our website and by phone to learn their ideas of the type of copper accent they desire. Our Sedona shutter, designed after returning from Sedona and being inspired by the art community, is one of our most popular shutters because of the copper design element. It blends nicely with most home styles and, as time goes by, the patina's richness blends with other features like copper gutters, downspouts, and front door accents."

By working one-on-one with customers, Copper Moon Woodworks is able to design pieces that incorporate their customer's ideas. According to Lori, they offer a service that addresses clients who have difficulty imagining how various styles will compliment their home. If a customer emails them a digital photo of their home, and indicate which style of shutter as well as the color of the stain or paint they'd like to see on the windows, it can be applied graphically. This added service (no charge) provides clients with confidence in their style and color selections.

"With our Issaquah Shutters we ship the copper medallion separately so it can be attached after the paint or stain is applied," she explains. "People usually create their own finishes. The copper patinas over time therefore I always inform the customer that the medallion needs a clear coat of polyurethane. Another shutter is our Avalon, which includes a copper, bronze or brass "X" accent to place in the center of the shutter. My late husband, an engineer, drew them. He felt they needed to be different, have character and compliment most home designs. Our shutters are different than the two standard shutter styles that people see 99.9% of the time. The most common shutter styles are raised panel and louvered, but our shutters are tailored to the home with copper accents."

The Peapack Customer window shutter also offers a louvered shutter appearance and keeps the strength of a solid panel. Customers can choose from a bold or narrower centerboard, just as they can choose other models.

"After my husband passed on I searched for a fine woodworker as I needed someone with special talent to craft these twelve shutter designs," says Lori. "Luckily, I found an exceptional craftsman, John Angelino, whose work is incredible.


Copper Moon Woodworks, 528 N. 26th St., Allentown, PA (610) 434-8740

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