Copper in the Arts

June 2012

The Art of Cooking

Bronze Ramen SculptureBronze Ramen Noodles by Ann Cathrin November Hoibo

Photograph courtesy of  Royal/T Gallery

Royal/T Gallery in Culver City, CA unveiled The Art of Cooking, featuring unique food inspired art including a bronzed version of Ramen Noodles, on view through August 1.

Intended to induce “the pleasures of the table”, the exhibition The Art of Cooking showcases artists who are making use of food in their work – as obsession, exploration or celebration – and often with a big dash of humor. The works included span different media, from drawing and painting to digital prints and clothing.

This encompasses Guillaume Pilet’s salt bread pretzeled into a twisty statue, Victor Kopp’s penchant for the geometry of painted chocolate, Theo Rosenblum’s ghostly Ghoul Whip II, and Ann Cathrin November Hoibo’s artful bronze Ramen noodles compacted in that signature rippling box-shape.

With this show, the curator Hanne Mugaas (who is from a family of restaurateurs and gourmet chefs) says, “Food has always been present in art. With this show I wanted to focus on contemporary artists who represent food in interesting but also humorous ways – as food is (for most of us) linked to pleasure, not only when it comes to taste but also social interaction. This exhibition is meant to celebrate food – no matter if it is a gourmet meal, a donut, or a slice of toast with marmalade.”


Royal/T Gallery, 8910 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA, (310) 559-6300

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