Copper in the Arts

April 2015

Deliziare’s Whimsical Wire Work

By Jennifer Hetrick

Copper wire wedding topper by Amber Weaver.Copper wire wedding topper by Amber Weaver.

Amber Weaver of Deliziare creates custom copper cake toppers and bridal gown hangers that are as unique as the couples who inspire them.

After working as the middleman for a wedding wholesaler on eBay years ago, she opened her own Etsy store in 2011, realizing she could create her own unique accents for cakes using metal and copper wire.

She named her store ‘Deliziare’, which is Italian for ‘delight’.

Each piece she creates is handcrafted in her studio in Robesonia, PA.

“The cake toppers are freestanding, so they can sit on a shelf as a memory afterward,” Weaver says.

Last spring, Weaver opened a store on Hatch after its CEO emailed her and asked her to become an artist on the site, which launched in 2012.

Weaver says she noticed that in 2015, she’s had better sales on Hatch than on Etsy.

“They don’t charge you to have your shop on their site—they just take a percentage of each of your sales,” she says.

“The people at Hatch are really involved with promoting their makers,” Weaver adds.

She has also been in talks with officials at Hatch about doing designs specifically for them.

When her mother recently searched “cake toppers” on Etsy, it took about 20 pages until she could find her daughter’s shop. But searching that same keyword on Hatch led to Weaver’s work right away.

She’s sold her work to people across the U.S. but also in Canada, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Israel, Egypt and Singapore.

Since teaching herself wire work several years ago, Weaver has delved into creating suncatchers, wall hangings, bracelets, pendants, Christmas ornaments, shawl pins, hair sticks and inspirational words set into pieces of driftwood.

Custom copper wire cake topper by Amber Weaver.Custom copper wire cake topper by Amber Weaver.

Celtic knot bracelets are something Weaver loves for the aesthetics in their loops even though she is not Irish; the symbol is also close to her heart because of it incorporating the infinity sign, a reminder of affection voiced back and forth between she and her husband.

Her suncatchers often used as wall hangings tend to incorporate beaded dragonflies or flowers, but she’s also created birds and angels in them, in the past.

Weaver sometimes incorporates small amounts of brass in her copper wall hangings, along with a variety of beads for joining in brightly inspiring hues.

She sources her copper through Arcore Electronics and Art Craft Wire.

“I love the look of copper and creating patinas,” Weaver says.

She also enjoys distressing the wire with steel wool to brighten copper, she adds.

Last year, Weaver participated in a juried show at GoggleWorks in Reading, Pennsylvania as an emerging artist, and she also had great success at two shows through IndieGirl, a cooperative of craft artists based in her region.

Some new ideas Weaver is considering are butterflies and underwater scenes with coral and lots of color as copper wall hangings.

“There is so much beauty in art, and people are often so stuck on their phones and don’t always appreciate what’s around them,” Weaver says.

Being close to copper from the creativity she’s learned through wire work keeps Weaver remembering the importance of art in the world.


Deliziare, Amber Weaver, Robesonia, PA

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