Copper in the Arts

October 2016

Larry Frazier Bronze Works on View at Robert Kuo Gallery

Two Cut Bronze Sculpture, Larry Frazier (Courtesy of Dana John).Two Cut Bronze Sculpture by Larry Frazier.

Photograph courtesy of Dana John.

A quartet of highly esteemed Los Angeles galleries of decorative art and design opened an important exhibition curated by Robert Kuo and Judith Lance, including bronze works by artist Larry Frazier.

Titled Robert Kuo Selects: Studio and Found Collections and Represented Artists, the exhibition features the latest collections by JF Chen, Blackman Cruz, Dana John and Kuo himself, all of whom are presenting at Kuo’s New York gallery, located at 303 Spring Street in Manhattan.

“The city of Los Angeles is teeming with creativity and is one of the undisputed forerunners in the world of design,” Robert Kuo says. “The goal of the event is to showcase exceptional collections by a selected group of galleries---studio production pieces, art, and some found items to lend balance to the overall presentation.”

Prominent Los Angeles based interior designer Judith Lance says that co-curating the event with Robert Kuo came about effortlessly and is based on their mutual respect for each other’s body of work and their shared regard for the decorative arts.

“We both recognized the curatorial and design skills of each selected L.A. gallery and decided to create a collaborative presentation for a New York event,” she says. “We were pleased that each gallery we approached shared the enthusiasm for the project.”

Mr. Kuo and Ms. Lance made their selections from three of L.A.’s foremost galleries for design: JF Chen, Blackman Cruz and Dana John, who show along with Robert Kuo. The galleries continue to be an inspirational source for celebrities like David Geffen, Angelina Jolie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, Brad Pitt, and Will Smith, as well as an international set of designers and collectors, including Atelier AM, Bradley Bayou, Joan Behnke, Jamie Drake, Thierry Despont, Cliff Fong, Tom Ford, Stephen Gambrel, Jacques Grange, Jane Hallworth, Kelly Hoppen, Eric Hughes, Kara Mann, Peter Marino, Alberto Pinto, Yabu Pushelberg, Joel Silver, Michael Smith, Madeline Stuart, William Sofield and Beth Rudin DeWoody,

“Our goal is to shine a spotlight on the creativity and workmanship that emanate from these Los Angeles galleries,” says Robert Kuo. “L.A. is expressing a unique creative energy that is very specific and evidences an important design perspective. Judith and I have a deep appreciation for quality and we possess a clear sense for spotting noteworthy pieces."


Robert Kuo Galleries, 303 Spring St, New York, NY, (212) 229-2020

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