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August 2018

Rare Multi-Million Dollar Misprint Penny Displayed at Philadelphia World's Fair of Money

By Paul David

A rare 1792 misprint penny, valued at more than $2.5 million,  and other rare coins were recently displayed at the 2018 World’s Fair of Money, held in Philadelphia from August 14 to 18.

Hosted by the nonprofit American Numismatic Association, the event also gave the public a chance to discover the real value of their possibly rare coins, with a free currency evaluation by experts.

1943 Philadelphia bronze alloy cent. It sold earlier this year for over $1 million.Above, the 1943 Philadelphia bronze alloy cent. It sold earlier this year for over
$1 million.

Photo courtesy of the American Numismatic Association. 

Douglas Mudd, director and curator of the American Numismatic Association Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado called the event a ‘homecoming’ for these historic and valuable coins, some of which have never before been publicly displayed in the town in which they were minted.

Many of the historic items on view were loaned by collectors and rare coin dealers from around the country.

“Money is history you can hold in your hands, and there are more than $1 billion of numismatic treasures on public display from spectacular ancient Greek coins to modern money,” said Gary Adkins, president of the 25,000-member association.

The highlight of the exhibit included a 1943 Lincoln cent mistakenly made of a bronze alloy instead of the zinc-coated steel normally used that year due to the country’s need for copper as a World War II material. The coin, valued at more than $1 million, was displayed courtesy of Philadelphia rare coin dealer Bob Paul.

Also on display, in addition to several gold bars, were the first surviving known coins in circulation made by the young United States Mint in 1792, a $25 million display of early American money, the unique "Nova Constellatio Quint," and a selection of five known 1913 Liberty Head nickels made under mysterious circumstances at the Philadelphia Mint that are now valued at $3 million, among others.

The World’s Fair of Money featured more than $1 billion dollars of rare and historic coins, making it one of the biggest, most educational coin show in the country.


The World’s Fair of Money, Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA

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