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February 2020

Rare Bronze Dalí Exhibit Opens at Aspen’s ChaCha Gallery

Aspen, Colorado’s ChaCha Gallery recently unveiled its Winter Exhibition featuring the bronze works of Salvador Dalí. 

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with The Dalí Universe, a Paris-based institution that manages one of the largest private collections of Dalí works in the world. 

Founded by Beniamino Levi, an Italian art dealer and collector who worked with Dalí during the 1960’s, the collection focuses on three-dimensional creations. Artworks from this collection have toured and been loaned to over one hundred prestigious museums and locations worldwide, and seen by more than twelve million visitors. This extraordinary collection brings to light a previously unknown aspect of Dalí’s work, allowing sculpture to take on an important role. They have been offered in important auction houses around the world.

LADY-GODIVA.jpgLady Godiva is one of 29 Salvador Dalí bronze sculptures on view. 
Photograph courtesy of ChaCha Gallery. 

Dalí was not only a painter, he was a multi-faceted artist in every sense of the word. Undisputed master of Surrealism, he never limited himself to canvas or to two dimensional artworks. Glass-crystal, furniture, jewels and most of all bronze sculptures: his art emanated through every medium.

Commemorating 30 years since Dali’s passing, ChaCha Gallery is the only gallery in the United States to feature the complete 29 Dalí bronze sculptures which are amongst the most famous iconographic images created during his lifetime. This creations are sought-after in auction houses across the globe, making this a unique opportunity in Aspen.

Notable works on view include Alice in Wonderland, Space Elephant and Woman Aflame, to name just a few.  The image with which Dalí is most closely associated is probably the ‘melted clock’ or ‘soft watch’. The soft clock motif can be found in no less than nine stunning bronzes in the Dali Sculpture Collection, such as The Profile of Time and Nobility of Time. Dalí himself became synonymous with his ingenious creation, an absolute icon of Modern Art. 

Highlights of the show are some quintessential furniture pieces. Of particular interest is the renowned Mae West Lips Sofa, originally created by Dalí in the late 1930’s and based on the voluptuous actress known for her provocative one-liners. The Leda Armchair and low table sculpture, inspired by the painting “Femme á la téte rose” (1935), impact gracefully as masterfully casted varnish brass.


ChaCha Gallery, 426 East Hyman Ave., Aspen, CO, (970) 925-1435

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