Preserving Nature with Copper

RISIS, a company based in Singapore, has developed a process to preserve the natural beauty of exotic flowers, such as orchids, in pure, glistening 24K gold. This process, called electroforming, may not be possible without the 'copper connection'. In the RISIS process of electroforming, real orchid flowers are carefully selected and preserved with a delicate layer of copper before being coated in pure 24 carat gold or precious rhodium. During electroforming, copper molecules leave the anodes and go into the electroforming bath. These copper molecules present in the bath will deposit themselves on the orchids, forming a layer around the flower. Because copper has all the chemical properties necessary for the process, it is the easiest (and safest) metal to electroform onto a surface which can be plated later in gold or rhodium. Currently, besides a variety of 50 exotic Asian orchids, RISIS uses this same process of electroforming to create a wide range of original jewelry and gift items to market to people all over the world. "Copper is an essential metal in our business. About 70% of our products are formed with copper before we plate it gold or rhodium. As RISIS's focus is to explore new gift and product ideas and render them with exquisitely delicate and flawless details, it is not surprising that our products have found admirers among connoisseurs of fine craftsmanship not just in Singapore, but all over the world." Mr Kam Chong Phoh, senior manager for development and production of RISIS said.

The RISIS Process

Step One: Flower Selection
The finest orchid is carefully chosen for its size and shape from a selection of unique varieties.

Step Two: Copper Dusting
To retain its original texture and shape, the orchid is preserved with a delicate copper coating. The dusting gives the flower enough body to accept the next step of the process.

Steps Three and Four: Plating
The copper-coated orchid is then plated with nickel, and then again with pure 24K gold.

Final Step: Inspection
The orchid is then hand-finished to perfection, inspected carefully, and packaged in bronze gift boxes. Each box includes a guarantee of the 24K gold content.