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February 2009

Copper Industry Honors Recipients of Architecture Awards Program

Top three historic renovation and new construction projects are recognized for innovative use of copper

The Copper Development Association (CDA), in collaboration with the Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association (CCBDA), has announced the recipients of the North American Copper in Architecture Awards program.

Projects were selected from two categories: Historic Restoration and New Construction.

The awardees for Historic Restoration include:

  • The Plaza Hotel, New York, NY
    James R. Gainfort Consulting Architects
    Nicholson & Galloway, Eagle one Roofing
  • La basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal, Montréal, Quebéc,Canada Architects Faucher Aubertin Brodeur Gauthier
    Les couvertures St- Léonard, Inc. (contractor)
  • Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
    Ogilvie & Hogg
    Les Architectes Desnoyers Mercure & Associés
    Spencer R. Higgens, Architect Incorporated
    Heather & Little Limited

The awardees for New Construction include:

  • Stuckeman Family Building, Penn State University, The School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture Penn State University, University Park, PA
    WTW Architects
    Overland Partners Architects
  • Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Moriyama & Teshima Architects
    Griffith Rankin Cook Architects
    Flynn Canada, Ltd.
  • Inverted Guest House, Lake George, NY
    Peter L. Gluck & Partners

Bethel Woods CenterBethel Woods Center for the Arts, Bethel, New York

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The projects were judged by members of CDA's and CCBDA's Building Construction Architectural Team, which includes architectural and copper industry experts. Nearly 50 projects were recommended and approved.

Projects identified for consideration in the North American Copper in Architecture Awards program included universities, houses of worship, government buildings, museums and residential complexes. The program is intended to increase public awareness and promote excellence in architectural copper design for buildings constructed throughout the United States and Canada during the past five years.

The architects, and in some cases the contractors, received replicas of their project on a copper plaque. All of the projects, including photos, are featured in Copper in Architecture Awards section. Cu

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